Let’s Talk Mental Health Care and Unemployment

First things first: The results of unemployment are misrepresented.

Hold up. What the f*ck does this even mean?

Let’s break this down.

  • Adult Men (11.6%)
  • Adult Women (13.9%)
  • Whites (12.4%)
  • Hispanics (17.6%)
  • Blacks (16.8%)
  • Asians (15%)

Now, let’s get into unemployment and mental health.

Let’s do a little math here.

  • Monthly Insurance Payments: $476.17
  • Deductible: $3,000
  • 40% Coinsurance: $10,800
  • Total: $14,276.17

I would like to note: Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder, and this is how much I would have to pay to seek help.

What about Medicaid?

Ok, so why not try outpatient care?

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or DBT
  • Family-Based Psychotherapies
  • Nutritional Management
  • Self-Help Approach (a form of CBT)
  • Medication-Based Approaches
  • Complementary Therapy (medication, yoga, mindfulness-based therapy, etc.)

Let’s backtrack a bit.

  • We have an unemployment rate for Black American Citizens at 16.8% and Hispanics at 17.6%, which is the highest of all unemployment rates that has not changed.
  • AND are the two demographics of which there is significantly less research being conducted for eating disorders.
  • AND are the two demographics where there are less people being diagnosed because of money, cultural stigma, and racial injustice.
  • 50% of black teenagers are 50% more likely than white teenagers to exhibit bulimic behavior. (Goeree, Sovinsky, & Iorio, 2011)
  • Hispanics were significantly more likely to suffer from bulimia nervosa than their non-Hispanic peers. (Swanson, 2011)
  • We have a bullshit health care system that is not-for-all.
  • An average life-saving inpatient treatment center costs $30,000 per month.

So, what do we know?

  • Mental health care affects millions of people.
  • There is not enough research regarding eating disorders being done for people of color.
  • People are going untreated because they can’t afford it or they are not diagnosed because they aren’t white women.

And because I love Hasan Minhaj and his show Patriot Act so much, here is his episode on Mental Health for your viewing.

We need to do better.



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Lauren Dow

Lauren Dow

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